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Only with 3 days 2 nights, you will go over the highlights of Phnom Penh. 4U Tours is delighted to guide you throught the famous site of Phnom Penh to know more about history, culture and the friendly people of this capital city.
Key Highlights:
  • Visit the famous sites of the city
  • Visit the hictorical places to know more about the history of Cambodia
Shopping opportunities at a local market

The team of L’Amant is very pleased to bring you new experiences, new ways of discovering the South of Vietnam, combining maritime traditions with modern comfort. Our inspiration came from the "Golden Age”, an era of the early 20th century, so often depicted by famous authors, such as Marguerite Duras who spent her early childhood in Sa Dec City in the midst of the Mekong Delta, and whose writings were evoked by the sophistication of the past. Thus, L'Amant, a 39-m vessel designed to sail through the rivers and sea inspired by the early designs of the two brilliant naval Architects, Cox and Stevens, who marked the last century.
  • The itinerary to sail up to the Gulf of Siam.
Experience traditional decoration with carved wood and lustrous brass, as well as the refined and discreetly modern comfort.

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