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In this program, the destinations cover all the must-see in the North (Hanoi with the Old Quarter, World Heritage Site Halong Bay); the Central (with old capital of Hue, ancient town Hoi An) and the South of Vietnam (with Ho Chi Minh bustling city, and green Mekong Delta). More than visiting, dining will be an experience which offers you chances to enjoy food with different tastes from three main regions in Vietnam at well selected restaurants. Besides, cooking classes will offer you chances to learn how to cook some popular dishes to bring home some new tastes.
Key Highlights:
  • Learn to do some famous dishes with famous cooks and bring home the recipes
  • Visit local markets for more local touch with Vietnamese people and for food tasting
  • Discover why Nuoc Mam is the most important ingredient of Vietnamese cuisine and learn how to mix it into a special sauce to attach to main dishes.


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