Con Dao - not just a pretty island

Another coral sightseeing place worth being labeled unmissable. Tourists on Con Dao can hire a boat to get to Bay Canh Island, jump into the water and swim to the coral reefs.


Turtles laying eggs

From Bay Canh Islands, visitors can choose to continute the tour with mangrove forest visit in Cau Island. Right here lies the conservation site for turtles established in 1995 that offers those who wish a chance to spend the night here and take freshly hatching turtles to the beaches themselves.

Mountain climbing

Con Dao is famous not only for the waters surrounding it but also the rock inside it, that is So Ray Mount. Along the one-and-a-half-hour trekking route from the foot to the peak, you’ll find wild monkeys that have befriended people thanks to constant exposure since the two sides first met.

After making it to the top, don’t undo the magic by taking the same route on your way back. Take another two-hour route leading to Ong Dung beach to rest your exhausted body on the sand, wash the fatigue away in the water and come back like a king.


The museum offers information on both history, oceanic ecology, the famous prison and today’s Con Dao, giving you details to add to the story you’re about tell when you arrive home.


The prison

Not a story told about Con Dao lacks the chilling part about its role during the war. The prison here bore witness to the most horrifying scenes of oppression under colonization and the Saigon regime in the twentieth century. A tour here will render every heart heavy, but will make your trip a lot more memorable.

Source: VnExpress



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